École de français à Antibes
Centre International d'Antibes - École de la langue française sur la Côte d'Azur


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Centre International d'Antibes


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Écoles de langue française en France
  • Learn French.
    cia The most recognized French language school on the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur). Since 1985 we have offered high quality tuition, accommodation in host families and residences and provided fun and cultural activities for people wanting to learn French.

  • Immersion in france for teenagers and kids
    - France - A French language schools for juniors. cia
    Our teen Été schools have proven their efficiency over the past 17 years. You will be able to mix with people of your own age in an international environment whilst sharing the same goal: Learning French in France!

  • French France- Offers a Choice of French language schools in France
    cia You can study French in France in one of our French language schools, all of which are well-known for the quality of their teaching: Centre International d'Antibes, Accord Langues school, and Atoll Juniors France.

Écoles de langue en Italie

  • Italian language and culture courses
    logo Italian language and culture courses Italian school by the sea in Sicily.

Écoles de langue en Allemagne / Autriche